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Best Cat Carrier – Our Top Choices 2017
There comes a time in every cat's life when she will need to be transported safely. As much as most[...]
Best Cat Harness: Our top choices 2017
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My Cat Ate String. How Long Will it Take to Pass?
Kittens and cats are oftentimes depicted as being all tangled up in a ball of yarn or string. But what[...]
How to Tell If a Cat Has Been Spayed
Have you taken in a stray cat? Is your local rescue group unsure if that precious female fur baby you[...]
Why Does My Cat Smell Like Poop?
If you're anything like me, you want to snuggle and cuddle with your best feline friend. But if Kitty smells[...]
Why Does my Cat Smell Like Urine?
Why does my cat smell like urine? If you found yourself asking this question or are in this predicament, don't[...]
How to Cope With Pet Loss
Anyone that has ever had their heart stolen by a pet, knows there comes a time to say goodbye. But[...]
My Cat is Allergic to Litter. Now What?
Just like humans, some cats can develop allergies. Unfortunately, they may even be allergic to cat litter. Although, this isn't[...]
How to Keep Raccoons Out of Cat Food
Are you a kind soul that has been feeding a stray cat (or a few)? This is a noble deed,[...]
How Much Does It Cost to Deworm a Cat?
Although, the thought of our cats carrying around a belly full of worms is very unappealing, worms in cats are[...]
How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Cat?
No one wants to think about the day when their beloved feline friend passes away. Unfortunately, every pet parent will most likely have to face this situation at some point in their life. Although it may be a difficult task to ponder over, it's best to plan ahead while your pet is young and you are clear-of-mind, not jumbled-up with emotions and off-the-cuff decisions making skills. Let's explore your options when it comes to the death of your feline and how much is may cost to cremate a cat.
5 tips on how to Brush a Cat that Hates It
Do you have a cat that hates to be brushed? Does he run away at the very sight of a grooming tool or swat at the offending object if you even try to approach? It's not uncommon to have a cat that hates to be brushed. However, if your cat goes outside, or has a longer coat, then you will need to groom him at some point in his life to free his hair of dirt, debris and possible matts.
How to Treat a Kitten with Fleas in 4 Simple Steps
Unfortunately, fleas happen. Especially if you've rescued your kitten from a barn or a homeless situation or if the mother cat herself has fleas. These itch-inducing, blood-sucking parasites can cause anemia, flea bite dermatitis and other health issues in your new fur baby, so you will want to remove them as soon as possible. Plus, once fleas have entered into your home, they are even more difficult to eradicate. Don't despair, there are safe and effective ways to get rid of those nasty pests.
Savannah Cat care – How to Tend to your Savannah
The Savannah cat is a relatively new breed and has only been recognized by the International Cat Association (TICA) since[...]
Best Cats for Kids – 14 Breeds That Get Along with Children
Every child should have a furry companion to cuddle with, tell secrets to or just hang out with around the house. Some parents may be reluctant to bring a cat into their home because of their tendency to use their claws. However, there are many different feline breeds that will do just fine with a child.
What are the best Dogs With Cats
Although, there are plenty of dogs that get along just fine with their kitty counterparts, there are some breeds that just seem to have a higher tolerance (or even love) for the feline species. If you have a cat (or two) and want to add a canine companion to your home, the following breeds, have been "proven" to do better with cats than most other breeds.
Best Cats for Dogs
Want a pet, but can’t decide between a dog and a cat? Who says you have to? There are several cat breeds that are decidedly great companions for dogs, so if you’re “in the market” for a dog-loving cat, read on.
Do I Need Estate Planning for My Pet?
No one wants to think about death, but if you have pets, planning for their future after you're gone may be a wise decision. Too many animals end up at the mercy of animal shelters after their owners have passed. If your pet is also advancing in years, it becomes even more difficult for them to find a good home.
Miniature Cats – The 7 Smallest Cat Breeds
This cat breed is one of the youngest to be developed and was actually started by a stray kitten named Shulamith. According to Cattime, this little female kitten not only had long silky fur, but ears that curled backwards. In 1983, cat fanciers began breeding these odd cats to make its own unique breed, the American Curl.
Biggest Cats – 7 Largest Cat Breeds
They say that bigger is better but when it comes to cats, bigger is not only better, it's beautiful! What are some of the more robust felines, the cats that may have their canine counterparts rethinking that game of chase? In this fun article we're going to be detailing 7 of the largest cat breeds that have won the hearts of cat lovers all over the world.
9 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds
There's been a vicious rumor circulating for decades that cats are not affectionate. This simply is not so. In fact, there are many breeds of felines known for their cuddly, want-to-be-near-you-attitude. Don't believe us? Read what feline experts and fanciers claim are the 9 most affectionate cat breeds.
Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person? (infographic)
Are you a cat person or a dog person? Ever wondered which pet would be the perfect match for you? Read this infographic to find out.
10 fresh and easy ways to give your cat more exercise (infographic)
Cats may come up as sedentary creatures, but they do need their exercise. Find out how to get the kitty moving.